Jelly Bowl XXIV

Once every few years, a Jelly Bowl is held to determine who the next ruler of all of Jelly World will be. Princess Magenta of the Six Kingdoms has selected you, her secret love, to be her champion. You must win the Jelly Bowl XXIV to prove your love and secure her place as the rightful ruler!

Jelly Bowl XXIV is a fast-paced competitive game in which each player battles to collect the most amount of energy. Use your three offense abilities (range attack, melee attack and a shock wave) and defensive ability (shield) strategically to protect your energy or steal from other players.

Coming soon for Xbox One

Key Features

  • Strategic Gameplay: Each player has a set of four abilities that must be timed perfectly to avoid having your points stolen before you bank or to steal from other jellys.
  • Multiple Classes: Choose the play style that suites you - be it a heavier defense at the cost of weaker attack abilities, stronger attacks at the cost of weaker defense or the middle of the road.
  • Fast-Paced Competitive: Fight up to six of your friends locally.
  • Practice: Play against the AI to hone your skills before going head to head.


Range Attack

Used to hit a single player from a distance. It’s great for hitting someone who is running to/from you.

Swing Attack

Hit a single player who is next to you or deflect an incoming range attack.

Shock Attack

Hits all players within it's radius, being an effective attack when sorrounded by mulitple players.


Protects you aganist all incoming hits for a short duration.

Game Modes

Jelly Hunters

Jelly Hunters is a free for all where you must battle to collect the most amount of energy before the timer runs out. The more points you collect before banking, the higher the reward. You'll also move slower and grow in size. Beware, if you are hit just once you'll eject every point that you've grabbed for others to steal!

Capture the Flag

In capture the flag, you have one goal - be the first team to collect five energy. Energy will spawn randomly throughout the level which you can grab. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, you can steal what the other team has already banked. The choice is yours!

Jelly Racers

Race through Jelly Bowl's specialized arena while trying to slow down your opponent using traps, abilities and your wits!