Once every few years, a Jelly Bowl is held to determine who the next ruler of all of Jelly World will be. Princess Magenta of the Six Kingdoms has selected you, her secret love, to be her champion. You must win the Jelly Bowl XXIV to secure her place as the rightful ruler!

Jelly Bowl is a fast-paced competitive game in which each jelly battle to collect the most amount of sugar crystals in different trials. Players can choose from a range of abilities to customize their champion to fit their playstyle, be it more guarded with a series of defensive abilities, more aggressive with offensive abilities or a hybrid of both.

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Game Modes

Jelly Hunters

The Jelly Hunters trial is a free for all where you must battle to collect the most amount of sugar crystals before the time runs out. The more points you collect before banking, the higher the reward. You'll also move slower and grow in size. Beware, if you are hit once you'll drop every sugar crystal that you've collected for others to steal! Or worse, if you don’t have any sugar crystals you’ll be disabled for a short time.

Capture the Sugar Crystals

In Capture the Sugar Crystals, you have one goal - be the first team to collect five sugar crystals. Sugar crystals will spawn randomly throughout the arena for you to take. Or, if you are feeling more adventurous, you can steal what the other team has already collected. The choice is yours!


In Jelly Bowl, all players are equipped with four base abilities in addition to two custom abilities (for a total of six) and can select one modifier.

Base Abilities


Teleport quickly across the arena, avoiding potential obstacles in your path.

Sugar Tether

Primary means of movement. Attach to the environment and swing.


Hit a single enemy who is next to you or deflect an incoming range attack.


Protects you against all incoming attacks for a short duration.

Custom Abilities

Jelly Seeker

Shoot a single projectile made of your jelly that will seek out an enemy. Has a large distance radius.


Hit all enemies within a radius. An effective attack when surrounded by multiple players.

Area Pull

Pull visible enemies within a radius to you.


Swap positions with an enemy player.

Jelly Trail

Leave a path of damaging jelly behind you.

Directional Shield

Deploy a shield that blocks an incoming attack.

Triple Throw

Shoot three short range projectiles made of your jelly that scatter.

Decoy Sugar Crystal

Drop a fake sugar crystal that causes enemies to eject their sugar crystals or stun them if none are available.

Jelly Splat Path

Lay a path of damaging jelly in front of you that pulls enemy players into it.

Channel Jelly

Unleash a stream of damaging jelly projetiles for a short duration.