A look at the latest development updates.

Announcing the release of Nothin’ But Net!

May 28, 2018

othin’ But Net has actually been considered “feature complete” and ready to leave early access since the last release, in May. We had originally held off for two reasons – to give the community some time...

Announcing Jelly Bowl

December 29, 2017

One of our prototypes felt perfect for the big screen, which we have named Jelly Bowl (and may change later). Jelly Bowl takes inspiration from two games that we enjoyed growing up...

New Online Game Modes - Team Speed-Ball and Knockout

May 08, 2017

We are happy to finally release the last two online game modes for Nothin’ But Net; Team Speed-Ball and Knockout! In Knockout, two players will be selected to compete to see who can make the first basket to either eliminate...

New game modes, Lobbies, Push to Talk and more!

April 06, 2017

Today we’ve released an update that adds support for online lobbies, push-to-talk, gives you access to your statistics outside of the end of the game mode and contains many performance and visual enhancements...

February Update - Now with Online Multiplayer

February 18, 2017

We’re very happy to finally add multiplayer to Nothin’ But Net! This update lets you play with up to four players in four online game modes. It also includes voice support which can be...

Game Mode Player Statistics Update

December 29, 2016

Last week we released another update to Nothin' But Net. The update focused on surfacing the player statistics information at the end of a game mode. With this new feature, you can now see your new score, overall accuracy, 2-point accuracy...

Achievement and Player Statistics Update

December 08, 2016

The Achievement and Player Statistics update contains the foundation for several features that we are currently working on. We consider it to be...

Nothin' But Net November Update (v1.10)

November 24, 2016

We’ve just released the first update for Nothin’ But Net which has a few new features and bug fixes. In it, you’ll find a new game mode, Steam Leaderboard support and other fixes...

Nothin' But Net Demo Update

September 11, 2016

We recently had the pleasure of showing Nothin' But Net at PAX West 2016 and released a free demo. We were humbly surprised by the reception and received great feedback...

Basketball Meets Virtual Reality

June 19, 2016

The making of a virtual reality (VR) game is something that we knew as an up and coming studio and extremely passionate gamers, we just couldn't miss out on. Making a VR game presents a unique opportunity that does not come around often...

Battle Tub Boat Customization

May 14, 2016

Over the last month we have been hard at work designing the overall look and feel for Battle Tub. The first piece that we wanted to get up and running was boat customization. While the boat customization ended up taking a bit of time due to some cascading bugs in the code...

Operation Brasnodar December & January Development Update

January 25, 2016

I know it's been awhile since we've surfaced development footage of Operation Brasnodar, but that doesn't mean that we haven't been hard at work! We've done lots of updates during December and January...

Dumpster Dash Update Released on Android & PC

August 30, 2015

We've just pushed a new update to Dumpster Dash for both Android and PC (Game Jolt & Itch.IO) versions! You can download and play the latest version of Dumpster Dash for free at...

Dumpster Dash now has Trophy Support with Game Jolt!

August 12, 2015

We've just released an update to the PC version of Dumpster Dash which now has support for Game Jolt trophies. Unlock new trophies to earn experience and bragging rights on Game Jolt!

Dumpster Dash is now on PC!

August 02, 2015

We’ve just released a free PC version of Dumpster Dash on GameJolt! The new release comes with a refresh to the menu UI and leaderboard integration with GameJolt. What are you waiting for? Head over to the download page and start collecting those dumpsters!

Dumpster Dash is Now Available on Android!

June 08, 2015

We’ve just released Dumpster Dash on Android! Try it out and let us know your thoughts. Download Dumpster Dash for free here.

BattleTankz Has Team Multiplayer!

March 23, 2015

We have been working diligently to get the CTF mode (or really, “capture the payload”) into a beta state so we can get some testing going. Today we made lots of progress, including...