We recently had the pleasure of showing Nothin’ But Net at PAX West 2016 and released a free demo. We were humbly surprised by the reception and received great feedback on ways we can improve the game. This past week has been spent incorporating much of the feedback into the full game and the demo.

Here’s what we changed:

  1. KB (Kevin the Bot) has been outfitted with a projector. During the tutorial, he’ll show videos on how to dribble and spin/balance the ball. We hope that this will help teach the mechanics better, but if not please let us know!
  2. Made the overall tutorial easier to follow by adjusting the wording and visual notifications on the controller.
  3. Added haptic feedback to the controller when dribbling the ball.
  4. Corrected the ball spin direction when shooting to properly apply forward and backspin. The spin amount is relatively low, but can be adjusted via the “Spin Boost” setting.
  5. Added more force when dribbling so you do not need to hit the ball quite as hard.
  6. Reduced the force being applied when throwing the ball by default. This can be adjusted with the “Throw Boost” setting.
  7. Fixed a bug with spinning and balancing the ball.

Thanks again for all of your wonderful feedback!