The Achievement and Player Statistics update contains the foundation for several features that we are currently working on. We consider it to be the first half of the December update as we wanted to get it in your hands as soon as possible. This update has support for Steam Achievements, the foundation for the Player Scorecards, the beginnings of the tutorial revamp, performance improvements and bug fixes.

Steam Achievements

Nothin’ But Net now has Steam achievement support! You can now unlock up to 40 achievements, which will display on your Steam profile and on the court in game.

Player Scorecard

An upcoming feature that we have not talked much about yet is the Player Scorecard. The Player Scorecard is a deep dive into how you are doing on the court. This update has the foundation of the feature, which is tracking statistics on how you are playing. The next update will surface the information to you so you can see how you are improving game over game. This is just the beginning as we have a lot of great plans for the Player Scorecard!

Tutorial Revamp

Nothin’ But Net is a game that goes beyond simply shooting hoops on the court. We believe that we have not done a good job at introducing what it has to offer and have started to revamp the tutorial to do a better introduction. This update includes the first iteration of those changes, which better highlights some of the settings that can be adjusted, how to change game modes and how to customize your court. The next round of tutorial changes will focus more on the immersion side of the experience.

General Fixes

We’ve also included several smaller fixes:

  • Made significant performance improvements which should result in more stable frame-rates.
  • Addressed a bug that surfaced when dribbling with the Oculus Touch controllers.
  • Addressed a bug in H-O-R-S-E that would cause the letter objects to remain on the court when exiting the mode.
  • Addressed a bug that would sometimes cause the player to face the wrong direction when starting.
  • Addressed a bug with Kevin that sometimes caused him to get stuck trying to pick up a ball.