Last week we released another update to Nothin’ But Net. The update focused on surfacing the player statistics information at the end of a game mode. With this new feature, you can now see your new score, overall accuracy, 2-point accuracy and 3-point accuracy. The statistics also show you the percentage change for the current game mode/difficulty as it compares to your overall stats.

Here’s a video showing off the new screen:

We are also working on a dashboard that lets you view your statistics all-up, outside of the game modes, which will be in a future update.

General Fixes

We’ve also included several smaller fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the player scale from being reset back down to 100% when switching out of Free Throw.
  • General visual enhancements to the court and ring prop for Power-Shot.
  • Fixed a spelling error (whoops!) in the tutorial.