We’re very happy to finally add multiplayer to Nothin’ But Net! This update lets you play with up to four players in four online game modes. It also includes voice support which can be enabled/disabled in the Audio settings. You can search for online games by pushing the ball icon on the top right of the menu:

Feel free to continue playing any of the single player game modes while Nothin’ But Net searches for players to match you against. Once paired, you’ll be brought online into the Free Throw mode. Online Free Throw acts as an interactive lobby in that you’ll need to be in it to automatically search for more players to play with. Once you leave this mode it will automatically stop searching for additional players.

Multiplayer Game Modes


Speedball is the first 1v1 real-time pick-up style basketball mode for virtual reality! We’ve been working on this one behind the scenes and are hoping to get feedback on how the gameplay feels. We did not want to put anyone on rails and risk motion sickness, so we’ve created a few rules to adapt it to VR.

The tl;dr rules are simple:

  • First person to 20 points wins.
  • You can only hold the ball for a total of two consecutive seconds. Dribble the ball to hold it longer.
  • Throw the ball to move it down the gym and catch it after you automatically teleport. (You’ll be turned to face the ball.)
  • Try to steal the ball when your opponent throws it, misses their shot or tries to dribble.

Currently, this game mode is available to start if only two people are paired together in the online Free Throw lobby.


If you are in possession of the ball, you can throw it down the court to move. You’ll automatically be teleported to the new position and rotated to face the ball so that you can catch it. Beware though! A savvy enough opponent can teleport in front of you to snag the ball. It’s also very easy to miss catching it. You will not be teleported to the ball if you’re within half court of your hoop and toss it too close. Pick your positions carefully. If you do not have the ball, you can teleport around the gym without restrictions (aside from going out of bounds and teleporting on the player).

Ball Handling

To keep the game moving at a fast pace, you can only hold the ball for up to two consecutive seconds. There’s a power meter on around the ball, which will tell you how much time you have left to hold it. If you’re running out of power, consider dribbling the ball while you decide your next move.


Speedball follows traditional scoring rules – anything below the key is a 2-point shot. Anything beyond it is a 3-point shot. The first person to 20 points wins the game and bragging rights.

Free Throw

The Free Throw mode serves two purposes. First, it’s the “lobby” mode. If you are online, have less than four players, and in Free Throw mode, other players will automatically be able to join your game. The second (and more enjoyable) purpose is that you can use this mode to create your own games.


Sick of playing against Kevin and ready to go head to head with real people? So are we! H.O.R.S.E. starts out by giving each person the ability to nominate a five-letter word, the ‘winner’ of which will be randomly selected when starting the first round. At the start of the game, a random person will be selected to be the ‘setter’. They’ll be in charge of setting up the shots until they miss, in which case a new setter will be selected. Each round, after the shot has been successfully setup, everyone else will need to imitate it. If you miss an imitation shot, you’ll gain a letter. You’ll be eliminated from the game if you fill out the entire word. Last player standing wins!

Rapid Fire

We’re taking Rapid Fire online! You can now go head to head with other people in real time. The rules are still the same – you can only hold the ball for a few seconds and must make as many shots as possible before the time runs out.

To make it fair, the setup will be different depending on the amount of people playing:

  • Two People: You’ll compete at the same hoop.
  • Three People: You’ll each have your own hoop, but on the same side of the court.
  • Four People: You’ll be paired up with one other person at the same hoop. The other two people will be on the other side of the court, paired up as well.


This update is just the beginning for multiplayer! We have two more modes under development, along with being able to match up with your friends and a better lobby flow.

While we’ve done quite a bit of testing we are anticipating this first update to contain bugs that weren’t triggered by our testing. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback! Let us know about any issues you run into, any part of the game that feels off or even anything that you love.

You can always reach out to us via: