Today we’ve released an update to Nothin’ But Net that adds support for online lobbies, push-to-talk, gives you access to your statistics outside of the end of the game mode and contains many performance and visual enhancements (among other things)!


We’ve added support for push-to-talk in voice. You’ll need to enable this by default in the menu. To turn it on, push the lower half of the touch pad on the Vive controller or the X button on the Touch controller.


You can now choose to create a lobby, choose a lobby to join or connect to a random lobby. When creating a lobby, you can set the max players (up to 4) and the visibility. This gives you the ability to make a friends-only lobby or keep it public and meet some new friends. If you’re interested in only playing Speed-Ball, make sure you set the max players to 2.

You still need to click the ball icon on the top right to access the online panel. Instead of having it automatically connect you to a game, you’re given a lobby screen:

It’s important to note that the lobby screen does not automatically refresh (yet). We’ll be adding support for that in an upcoming update/patch.


H.O.R.S.E. has finally gotten a much-needed update to the scoreboard. You’ll now see how far along you are in the word progression, instead of the raw score.

We’ve also addressed an intermittent bug that sometimes caused a turn to not end when a shot was made or missed. Please let us know if you still see this occur.


Speed-Ball is a very fast paced game mode. Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell where the ball is located. To help with this, we’ve added little green arrows that point the direction of the ball when it is just out of your field of view.

Please let us know if this helps or if you’ve got any other suggestions on how we can improve on this game mode.


Last, but certainly not least, we’ve added your 2-point and 3-point overall statistics to the Game mode selection screen. We’d considered adding an entirely new screen to browse through your statistics, but once we started to build it we felt it made the most sense to be on this screen.

General Fixes

We’ve also included several smaller fixes:

  1. Aligned the hoop ring size to regulation.
  2. Scores now show up on both scoreboards, instead of just one.
  3. Corrected lighting and reflection errors.
  4. General performance and visual improvements.
  5. Gave Kevin a new set of facial expressions.
  6. Fixed a bug that caused the backboard power meter to look distorted.
  7. Fixed several bugs.


  1. Fixed a bug that prevented the tutorial from shutting down when transitioning to online mode.
  2. Changed the settings screen so that the settings that need to be adjusted are more obvious.


  1. Defending players can no longer steal the ball before the advancing player has thrown it for the first time.
  2. Fixed a bug that sometimes-caused players to spawn twice.
  3. Online leaderboard now takes into account time played in addition to overall score, as everyone would always have a max of 20 points.

Known Issues

  1. Sometimes you are not automatically teleported when advancing in Speed-Ball. This happens when the toss goes near/through the net of the hoop.
  2. The spin pad does not always shut off when online. This does not impact game play.