We are happy to finally release the last two online game modes for Nothin’ But Net; Team Speed-Ball and Knockout!


In Knockout, two players will be selected to compete to see who can make the first basket to either eliminate the other player or save themselves. The player who is in jeopardy must make a shot before their opponent, otherwise they’ll be eliminated from the match. If the player in jeopardy makes a basket first, they are safe and move to the back of the line. The mode continues until only one player is left standing. Knockout can be played with between 2-4 players and the order of players is randomly determined.

Each round will function as follows:

  1. The first two players are moved to the court while the rest will spectate above.
  2. The player who is in jeopardy (player 1) gets one chance to make a basket before the player attempting to eliminate them (player 2) can begin taking their shots.
  3. If player 2 makes their shot first, then player 1 is eliminated from the match.
  4. If player 1 scores first, then they are safe and move to the back of the line.
  5. The next two players are selected, with the original player 2 being put in jeopardy to defend themselves and a new player taking position of the eliminator.


Movement functions the same as in Speed-Ball, in that if you do not have the ball you can freely teleport around the court. If you do have the ball, you can throw it down the court to move with it. You’ll automatically be teleported to the new position and rotated to face the ball so that you can catch it. Beware though, the game will not teleport you automatically if it detects a high probability that you will make the basket so plan your movements wisely or waste precious time chasing the ball.

Team Speed-Ball

Team Speed-Ball is the first 2v2 real-time pick up style game in Virtual Reality! This mode functions like regular Speed-Ball, with the exception that you are no longer automatically teleported when throwing the ball down the court. Instead, you’ll need to join forces with your teammate to move the ball and score your baskets.

The rules are simple:

  1. First team to 20 points wins.
  2. You can only hold the ball for a total of two consecutive seconds. Dribble the ball to hold it longer or toss it to your teammate.
  3. Toss the ball to your teammate to move it down the court.
  4. Try to steal the ball when your opponent throws it, misses their shot or tries to dribble.

Ball Handling To keep the game moving at a fast pace, you can only hold the ball for up to two consecutive seconds. There’s a power meter on around the ball, which will tell you how much time you have left to hold it. If you’re running out of power, consider dribbling the ball while you decide your next move.

Scoring Team Speed-Ball follows traditional scoring rules – anything below the key is a 2-point shot. Anything beyond it is a 3-point shot. The first team to 20 points wins the game and bragging rights.

General Fixes

We’ve also included several smaller fixes:

  1. Updated Speed-Ball leaderboard scoring to factor in time played, in addition to total points made.
  2. Moved the custom assets folder from the game install location to the users directory of Windows.
  3. Updated the tutorial so that you no longer need to click "okay" before starting the action.
  4. General tutorial text updates.
  5. Fixed several bugs.


Even though these two game modes are the last that we have planned, we’re still very committed to making sure it’s a great experience while playing them. Please send us your feedback! Let us know of any issues you run into, any part of the game that feels off or even anything that you love.