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Jelly Bowl

Jelly Bowl is a fast-paced competitive game in which each player battles to collect the most amount of energy. Use your three offense abilities (range attack, melee attack and a shock wave) and defensive ability (shield) strategically to protect your energy or steal from other players.

Cafe Express-O

Play as a barista who has been hired to manage a cafe all on their own. Your boss is a stickler who will fire you if you make too many mistakes! Customers will venture into your cafe with one desire - which you must fulfill before the reach the end of their line. Make sure you don't waste any food or forget to pick up their payment. Beware, the more the day goes on, the more quickly customers will come in.

Nothin' But Net

Nothin’ But Net (NBN) is built from the ground up with the goal of bringing realistic sports simulation to your VR play space. In NBN, you can play different variations of basketball on a life-sized gymnasium, challenging your friends in up to five different game modes including H.O.R.S.E., Knockout, Shot Blocker and Rapid Fire. Or, play solo in six different game modes.

Battle Tub

You know all those times you got into a debate with your buddy on who would win in a team vs. team battle of the toy boats but were never able to prove it was you? Well, we're happy to say we've got you covered! In Battle Tub, you can show off your awesome boat driving and rubber ducky dodging skills while kicking your friends butt!

Operation Brasnodar

“Operation Brasnodar” is the first city under development for a multiplayer tactical espionage game. Game play will focus around small team PvP and possible co-op play. Players will take on the role of an operative in the Quail, or become a member of the Agency. The Quail focuses on completing missions in order to take down the Agency and free those who have been mind controlled. The Agency is out to catch all members of the Quail and silence the uprising.

Dumpster Dash

Dumpster Dash is a fast paced "tap" style game that tests how quickly you can react to new obstacles. Compete with your friends to see who can grab the most dumpsters with their dumpster truck before the time runs out or you accidentally send little Fluffy or Spot to heaven.


What Up Games, LLC is a small indie game studio that was founded in 2015 and is run by a husband/wife team. We pride ourselves on new and innovative ideas as well as re-imagining classic games from our childhood. While we are always working on new ideas, we love to collaborate with individuals or companies who need help in bringing their vision to fruition. Additionally, we enjoy contributing to the game development community by providing online tutorials and helping on numerous community sites.